Monday, 12 December 2016

Let the Yoga Commence...

Let the Yoga commence. It has been years and I really do mean years that I have wanted to learn yoga and have it as part of my daily practice.  Having little ones has meant that I have not had the peace to learn and certainly having to share the space has brought with it a whole host of other challenges.

Such as children hanging from my limbs, them asking how to do a certain move of course I would have loved to have shared how if only I had been given the opportunity to firstly hear myself!

You may have already read my post yesterday with regards to having an office but it suddenly dawned on me that I had a space...

A space that could be quiet (I can close the door!).  A space that albeit small was a space that did not need to be shared... Yes, I now have a space where I can also learn and practice yoga!

Yoga is something that I am hoping will be a daily practice. Sometimes it is so hard to have time when you have so many little ones but for me to the best vessel of communication from my guides, spirits etc... to you it is so important that I do. I also 100% believe it will help me along my Spiritual journey.

The benefits of yoga and vast and very individual - have you started your yoga journey?  For how long and what has it given you?  Please do comment and share as I would love to hear from you.

Love and Light

Traci x

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

I have an Office!!

I have an Office!  I could not even begin to explain how happy this has made me or even how much of a difference this makes.

We have a 4 bedroom house and 7 of us in it but Mark had pointed out that clearly for me to be able to work effectively I need a proper space where I could be at work and close the door and the girls would also know this space and the door closed means Mummy is working.

We have moved Soraya into our bedroom and Alina in with the other two little ones and used their bedroom to create an office.

With this new found space it has also meant that I have returned to working at the Circle.  I also have someone looking after the girls so I am able to do readings during the day which is fantastic.

For the last week I have been working form the space and I love it.  I am really looking forward to making it a spiritual haven in our home.  As it is also more private I will be able to use for more than just a working space but that I shall share in another post.

Love and Light 

Traci x

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Where have I been?

Where have I been?  I know!  It seems to have been such a long time ago since I posted and one part about life that never ceases to amaze me is how quickly time passes!

So, in a nutshell I have been busy with family - having Soraya and welcoming her to the world and below are some pictures I shared on my other blog

This beautiful little cherub was born on 29th February at 11.53pm, yes she is a leapling baby.  I cannot believe she is already 4 months and I can assure they have gone past in the blink of an eye.

I also started a new side business in April so had all the prep and pre-launch at the end of February and into March.  That kept me very business but I am having so much fun with it and have already connected with some amazing people.

Then there have been the obligatory illnesses... as I type this my four little ones are currently poorly and the most emotionally stressful of all was my eldest daughter being in hospital nearly 3 hours away from us for a month!

Sooooo, as you can probably gather it has sometimes been emotionally tough.  However, I was only thinking of this yesterday as I hear many people say that if you are "spiritual" then surely you should almost be exempt from these type of things and if you are "clairvoyant" as I am then surely I should have "seen" this coming...

On The contrary I often find that the more spiritual you are and especially those that in the service of others will often go through more than most and I believe wholeheartedly this happens to equip you to help others!  After all how could you have the patience, empathy, emotional connection if you had not experienced these types of difficulties.  What I do find though is that I have a habit of removing myself from the world in order to try and cope... After all we already have a busy home life and my children deserve and demand my best each moment of everyday and sometimes I give far from my best and that is OK as after all I am human too and there are 5 of them and only 1 of me!! But especially when I am giving less than my best I find it more of a challenge doing the day to day household chores, run the businesses and well function properly.

Recently I understood this with more clarity than I ever have before and I have to wonder how it has taken me so long to realise.   I am also Clairsentient which basically means I "feel".  I feel others, energies, pains, issues etc... I can feel it in my body and mind and whilst I have always known this when doing readings and indeed utilised that to give an informative reading for some reason I have never thought about how this effects me when I am around friends and family...

It came to the light bulb moment when my daughter the day before had said that she did not know how she felt and my utter confusion as to why I was getting so frustrated, angry and anxious when trying to communicate with her and then BAM!! It hit me that I was "feeling" how she was feeling but reacting as if these feelings were my own!  So, the next day I stood near her and basically said Ok, you say you do not know how you feel well I can tell you and reeled off the emotional and physical effects to which everyone of them was correct... No wonder I was reacting the way I was and also no wonder she feels as though she does - a greater understanding happened on both levels...

However, that got me thinking even further, I wonder how many times I react to others emotions as opposed to my own?  This is why it is so important to practice and perfect your grounding techniques as well as your personal spiritual protection and whilst I have been doing this regularly for readings I had not been for every day life.

Do you? Because since doing so I can feel a dramatic shift and change... More on that in another post though ;-) 

So, I wanted to say I am happy to be back to posting and getting back to my calling as it were and connecting with you further.

Traci x

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Friday, 13 November 2015

The Circle - it's been busy!

Wow getting back online and having a telephone has been great as not only can I post but I am also back at work at The Circle and wow did I miss you all!  It has been great to catch up with some of my loyal clients as well as connect with some new ones.

AND, it has been so busy, so I guess you missed me too ;-)

Have you popped on over to The Circle?

Here is an example of my profile:-
Traci C at The Circle
Or of course you can visit and not only check out my profile but also all of the other amazing psychics, mediums and readers, there are a plethora all specialising in different methods, techniques and abilities.

So you may also be wondering how my spiritual progression is also going and well if you read my We've moved! post you will clearly see that my relationship with the universe is obviously well connected, as everything just fell into place and practically before we even knew it needed too!

It's been awhile since I have been to the Spiritualist church what with children, pregnancy, moving and working it has left little time.

Although I did have another experience while happily sat having a celebratory meal at Lupton House.  We were celebrating the success of the 1940's show that Mark is part of the committee for and also helps to organise and run.  Whilst there I have to say I was aware of the presence of a number of spirits.  Varying in ages, ethnicity and also circumstances.  

I always find it strange seeing with my eyes the bright colours, decor etc... of today's era and hearing all the sounds and then "almost" seeing clips of other eras, I say "almost" as I do find when there is a lot of activity it is more feelings and impressions rather than clear clairvoyant sight.  It was interesting and something although quite eerie I would still like to go back and explore!

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

We've moved!

We've moved, yes physically moved house!  It happened so quick I didn't even have time to forewarn you!

Basically cutting a very long story short we received a call to say that our house was being sold and so we needed to vacate by 31st December.  At the time as you may imagine it was quite emotional.  However, I pulled myself together and trusted in the Universe and two days later we were looking at a property in Brixham.  It was opposite a play park and park so great for the girls and Roo.  Fairly close to the Primary school of which there is a nursery attached so all in all pretty perfect...

Difficulty is on paper we look rubbish, after all we have 4 children, 3 of which are 3 and under and lets face it more and more properties, yes even 3/4 bedrooms are increasingly saying no children and no pets.

Anyway the landlord agreed to meet in order to suss us out and make sure one we could afford the rent and two we were not going to wreck the place.  It was to be an agonising wait for the appointment, agonising because we had already paid a holding fee and we were asked if we could move in by the 31st October....

That basically gave me two weeks to pack up a house of 6 occupants all whilst still looking after the children etc...

Soooooo, I decided to pack anyway, after all if I had waited a week would no way be long enough, two weeks was pushing it as it was!

We met the landlord who was lovely and as the Universe does indeed bring things forth he is one of five and so large families certainly were not putting him off :-) We must have made a good impression as he said it would be a yes from him as long as all the references came back ok :-)

So 5 days until moving day we get the all clear to go ahead!  No I have to point put another HUGE deciding factor in all of this, it was my Dad that agreed to lend us the money to move, without hime there would not have been any possibility and I am so grateful and yet again I do feel it was the universe that put that in place too :-)

There is definitely support and love on the other side influencing and looking after myself and our family.

And now, well we are in Brixham with most boxes unpacked and our internet and phone connected today - whoop whoop.  Which means I am back to working at the Circle and yes I know there are a number of you that have missed me and I really appreciate your patience and loyalty and of course I am back to email readings too.

I absolutely love the feel of where we live now, it feels much more of a family home and I really do feel as though everything is coming together.  Even though Nevaeh starts school next September it was already going to be a battle to get her into any school near to where we were previously due to so many new builds and the nursery here is so much better than where they were, a lot more structured too.

Here is a photo of the first morning in our new home looking out the back of the house :-)

It is so pretty at night too as you see all the lights :-)

Well as usual if you would like to book in a reading at The Circle then do get in touch, if you would like an email reading or a 1-2-1 then let me know and I look forward to updating you a lot more regularly ;-)

Traci x
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Thursday, 3 September 2015

New Collaboration and getting over illness...

Well, it's been awhile! I have been poorly of late so when I have not been attending to my girls needs or working (more on that later) I have been resting and sleeping!  With temperatures which range from feeling as though I am in the tropics to the frozen depths it has not been the most pleasant of experiences and you would think with that much rest and recuperation I would be feeling revitalised and refreshed but to be honest I am exhausted!

However, I am feeling so much better and I have missed writing my posts and sharing with you on facebook.  Also I have just missed you - I love our connections and hearing about your awakenings, transformations and stories and of course how inspiring reading my posts have been for you ;-).

New Collaboration

So, what is this about a collaboration I hear you ask, well I hinted awhile back about going through a rather thorough "testing" period with a company and I am pleased to say I have joined the Team at The Circle.  I started about 3 weeks ago and it has been an amazing experience so far.  I love their attitude of wanting to encourage, enhance and educate not only their readers but their clients too and all in a warm, gentle loving way.

It has been busy, every shift is call after call and I have now started to accept chat readings too. But once again there have been some amazing connections made.

Are you still doing your own readings?

Of course and you can book yours easily on my Angel and Tarot card Reading page.  I am looking to update this page in the near future enabling you to book an available time for phone readings.  Email readings as usual I always endeavour to respond too within 48 hours (during busy periods this may take longer but you will always be informed).

Face-to-face readings are always booked in advance as are party bookings.  The spaces for these are very limited so please get in touch for more information.

Here is a quick pic of me - not looking so glamorous at Alex's 30th Birthday Bash (to be fair I had also partaken in the spa day and so sprucing up and adding makeup after an amazing massage and facial was the last thing on my mind!).  This was Heidi's reading and the third of the evening with more to go :-) (and the little spotted ladybird in the background, well that would be my youngest Alina)
Angel Tarot Reading for a 30th Birthday Party

What about your Spiritual Journey?

I know, it has been awhile since I updated about this too but wow, so much development going on in the psychic, mediumship area.  I am also currently undertaking a..... not exactly what to call it?..... A course? (for want of a better explanation!) to connect deeper, further and to be able to interpret better.  As you may have already from my Open Circle post it really is not how you would expect it to be in terms of connection with the other side.  Or for that matter getting messages.  

Not only do you need to get the messages but you also need to interpret them and there can be the start of the issue.... For instance pictures can be interpreted in so many ways and tuning into the other persons energy in order to interpret their meaning can be tricky and so needs developing (well for me anyway).  Plus it is also a matter of releasing your "ego" completely so that "you" (or in this case "I") do not try to get in the way of the message.  I have said this time and time again and I cannot express it enough it is not actually me per say that is a medium, I know that this may be a hard concept to follow but really it is as if I am a transmitter.  If it was me then that would require me to be the one to be thinking and the messages would be coming from me.  But they are not, the messages are coming from the energy I am connected too on the other side and so I am merely a tool in which to bridge the divide and to be able to help with communication.

So, basically the development is still continuing at a great pace and I am excited for the future.  I will always be developing, learning, a constant student because really I always want to be able to provide you with the best, fulfilling and accurate experience when it comes to readings and spiritual connections with your nearest and dearest.

Until the next post,

Love Life and laughter

Traci x

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Friday, 21 August 2015

It's all about Self-development - Yes it is All About YOU!

How many times have you heard people say "oh no, I don't do that self development stuff" or during the conversation you pick up that your conversationalists believe it is selfish if you are concentrating on you?  I have heard it soooo many times.  However, it is all about self-development, it is all about YOU!
You see simply put, if you are unable to work on you, you are unable to help others fully and effectively... the last words of that sentence are the most important "fully and effectively".

Plus life genuinely gets so much easier the more you learn about you and why you have done/still do certain things, it means you are fighting yourself less and less and accepting, developing more and more.

I wonder how it came to be that we as human beings at some point thought we knew it all.... when we became so arrogant (for want of a better word) to think we could not possibly find out anything else about ourselves and the world around us so that developing our consciousness, our awareness was no longer important.  That notion to me seems ridiculous and yet it has been happening for years and years and years.

The Ripple...

Having said that, I have noticed a ripple, a ripple that has been getting larger and larger year after year for about the last 15 years.  This ripple has been an awareness in more and more people that to be able to create a better outside world they have needed to look and make changes from within.

And here is the ironic things for those that have thought this self-development, self journey is a selfish one, the more you connect from within the larger the connection and understanding you have to the outside world.  Energy for one.  As many avid readers of this blog know I am all for trying to help educate and bring more awareness to the topic of energy.  The more you connect from within the more you understand and develop the senses to be more aware of the subtly nuances of energy, which means you also feel the connections of that energy all around you, in people, animals, nature, objets, well pretty much everything.

The more connected you are to the subtle energies the more you want to protect the environment and everything that is living in because the more you are aware that we are all connected and everything we do has an effect somewhere along the line.  So, it really is all about YOU first.

I have conducted many EFT sessions, readings and had many discussions with friends and the like with regards to relationships. Even with relationships working on yourself can be the greatest gift.  For those struggling with but I want my partner to be... or just do.... you come to the realisation of acceptance rather than change.  With this acceptance also comes the realisation that actually you can never change anyone, you can influence but the action of change has to come from that person because they want to. And again with this gained knowledge all those tensions are released and you discover what it is that you want and how you want your life to be.  It is empowering.

Self-development also helps you to really connect with what it is you really love doing and so helping you to discover the perfect career path to you so that work is no longer the bind or the grind, it is enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding.

So when is enough, enough?

Well, me personally I think I will always be a student of life... there is so much to learn, so much to discover.  However, there is a big difference in learning and attending.  Ah, the perpetual attendees..... I have met many, maybe you have too or know of one or two.  These are the people that attend course after course, seminar after seminar and yet stay the same.  My dear friends stop... mainly because it is costing you too much and you are attending for the wrong reasons, yes, you may get your energy fix and feel awesome when you are there only to return home to feel... well the way you did before which is why you go to another and another.

Really for you to gain anything a clue is in self-development, it requires YOU to do something, attending is not enough.  You need to take action on the information given.  This is why it is most helpful for the majority to work on one area at a time and fully immerse and complete that before moving on.

This is also why for many courses the information is no longer fully accessible, it is provided lesson by lesson, week after week.  This is to help you to manage the information and have time to act on it before moving on, otherwise too many skip ahead so the information is non effective as it has not really been taken in.  A bit like speed reading it becomes more about finishing the content than the journey the information can teach you.

Have you been on a self-development journey or thinking of where to start? Then do leave a comment as I would live to hear from you.  Also please do pop over to my facebook page.

Love Life and Laughter

Traci x
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