Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Where have I been?

Where have I been?  I know!  It seems to have been such a long time ago since I posted and one part about life that never ceases to amaze me is how quickly time passes!

So, in a nutshell I have been busy with family - having Soraya and welcoming her to the world and below are some pictures I shared on my other blog

This beautiful little cherub was born on 29th February at 11.53pm, yes she is a leapling baby.  I cannot believe she is already 4 months and I can assure they have gone past in the blink of an eye.

I also started a new side business in April so had all the prep and pre-launch at the end of February and into March.  That kept me very business but I am having so much fun with it and have already connected with some amazing people.

Then there have been the obligatory illnesses... as I type this my four little ones are currently poorly and the most emotionally stressful of all was my eldest daughter being in hospital nearly 3 hours away from us for a month!

Sooooo, as you can probably gather it has sometimes been emotionally tough.  However, I was only thinking of this yesterday as I hear many people say that if you are "spiritual" then surely you should almost be exempt from these type of things and if you are "clairvoyant" as I am then surely I should have "seen" this coming...

On The contrary I often find that the more spiritual you are and especially those that in the service of others will often go through more than most and I believe wholeheartedly this happens to equip you to help others!  After all how could you have the patience, empathy, emotional connection if you had not experienced these types of difficulties.  What I do find though is that I have a habit of removing myself from the world in order to try and cope... After all we already have a busy home life and my children deserve and demand my best each moment of everyday and sometimes I give far from my best and that is OK as after all I am human too and there are 5 of them and only 1 of me!! But especially when I am giving less than my best I find it more of a challenge doing the day to day household chores, run the businesses and well function properly.

Recently I understood this with more clarity than I ever have before and I have to wonder how it has taken me so long to realise.   I am also Clairsentient which basically means I "feel".  I feel others, energies, pains, issues etc... I can feel it in my body and mind and whilst I have always known this when doing readings and indeed utilised that to give an informative reading for some reason I have never thought about how this effects me when I am around friends and family...

It came to the light bulb moment when my daughter the day before had said that she did not know how she felt and my utter confusion as to why I was getting so frustrated, angry and anxious when trying to communicate with her and then BAM!! It hit me that I was "feeling" how she was feeling but reacting as if these feelings were my own!  So, the next day I stood near her and basically said Ok, you say you do not know how you feel well I can tell you and reeled off the emotional and physical effects to which everyone of them was correct... No wonder I was reacting the way I was and also no wonder she feels as though she does - a greater understanding happened on both levels...

However, that got me thinking even further, I wonder how many times I react to others emotions as opposed to my own?  This is why it is so important to practice and perfect your grounding techniques as well as your personal spiritual protection and whilst I have been doing this regularly for readings I had not been for every day life.

Do you? Because since doing so I can feel a dramatic shift and change... More on that in another post though ;-) 

So, I wanted to say I am happy to be back to posting and getting back to my calling as it were and connecting with you further.

Traci x

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