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5 Steps to Improving your Spiritual Connection

I do not by any means confess to be the be all and end all of Spiritual knowledge, in fact quite the contrary.  The Divine inspiration is well exactly that, Divine... Not mine.  I would love to say that it was my brain and that it was all me that came to be able to say exactly the right thing at the right time and in the right way but those of us that are connected know otherwise.  However, here are 5 Steps to improving your Spiritual Connection.

So, How do you improve your chances to a Spiritual connection?  Here is a list of things that unbeknown to me at the time were already getting me primed and ready to hear, see, feel and relay what the divine needed to say.

No 1. Get Connected

This is such a huge part, in fact essential but when I say get connected I am basically saying you need to be out - yes outside.  Breathing in fresh air, smelling the earth (no not bent down to the ground sniffing!  Just by walking around).  Hearing the streams, rivers, trees, birds.

I am very lucky that we have just such a place locally.  It is stunning and without realising it, it was a place I was visiting more and more.  In fact on my other blog I even blogged that when visiting there it was like I could properly breathe!  Little did I know at the time that it was paving the way, emptying the mind and cleansing it ready for my journey to come.

This place does have everything, stunning trees, streams, an abundance of wildlife and the best sense that you are connected.

Whilst the Sea is also another great resource I have found that to get properly connected you need Earth as well as Water and Trees also seem to really help with connection.   We are lucky to also live by the Sea and it is also another wonderful place for connection but my most profound connections come as I said where you can feel more of mother nature.

Scadson Woods Copyright Traci Cornelius

No 2. Feel the Love

Yes, I can understand that "Feel the Love' may seem all a bit new age but it is the fastest and strongest way to get connected.  Now it is again important that you really "feel' not just say.  It needs to be an all encompassing feeling that fills you up and that you then use to help fill up someone else and that can be a person you know, a stranger, animals, pets etc... I often send out love and here is how:-
  • Imagine your entire being is filled with love, so much love that it exceeds your body and would look like you have an extra band around yourself.
  • Visualise this love leaving your body and transferring to those around you, feel the warmth it is giving.
  • Smile to others as you do this, I have personally found that if I smile it seems to magnify the feeling.

No 3. Be Grateful

I am sure this one comes as no surprise there is an abundance of information and resources regarding how being grateful and showing gratitude can help your life in so many ways.  From Healing to Connection to Manifesting, it is one aspect that just cannot be overdone.  However, it does need to be genuine!

If you rattle of a list in a monotone, unfeeling, here we go again type of mood you are not connecting properly.  There are so many things to be grateful for and look out for another post all about Gratitude for some great examples.

5 Steps to Improving your Spiritual connection

No 4. Be Open

Being open can sometimes be a tricky one to explain but basically I can give you some examples of what not to do!  You come across a book maybe through a colleague, a waiting room and you recognise it as one that you wanted to read awhile ago.... DO NOT dismiss that as Oh yeah I wanted to read that and then let it pass again.  Get the Book, Read the Book, be open to understanding that this is your Spiritual Guidance.  You think of someone you have not spoken to for awhile, then they call or text, DO NOT fob this off as mere coincidence, be open to recognising that this is a yet another connection.

No 5. Be Mindful

This really is a step forward from being open - you need to be open to see the signs and then Mindful as to not just recognise them but connect with them feel, see, hear why they are happening and take action.  This will give you a much greater connection.

The last three steps can and often will be done in conjunction with one another for example.  Let's revisit the book example, you see a book that you thought of reading awhile ago. You thank ... God/your Angels/your Guides/Spirit (which ever term appeals) for bringing your attention back to the book (No 4. Open, you were open to recognising the sign, No 3. Be Grateful, you were grateful by giving thanks, No 5. Be Mindful, you will be being Mindful when you read the book).

Please do let me know of your experiences from these steps.  You can connect with me by leaving a comment or connecting with me through my facebook page

Love Life and Laughter

Traci x

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