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Open Circle

What is an Open Circle?  An Open Circle is a gathering either within a Spiritualist Church or Group that uses Guided meditation and a Teacher such as a Medium to help develop your skills, and a sharing of messages given from your Spirit Guides and people that have crossed over.  Not all Open Circles follow the same format and not all have a complete teaching avenue either, some may have a format where it is a if you get a message share and if not sit back and enjoy.  It is certainly worth finding one that suits what you are looking for.

My first Open Circle experience at the Spiritualist Church was a bit nerve wrecking.  I did not really know what to expect, what was expected of me and what I really needed to do.  However, my concerns were unnecessary.  I should have already learnt that my guides and teachers have put me on this path to learn and fast, so of course they would ensure I was connected to a resource that could help with that.

Everyone was friendly and welcoming, there were seats in the middle of the room in a circle.  We were asked if anyone was new and three of us (including myself) raised our hands. It was explained that we would have an opening prayer, followed by a guided meditation of which we would then have 10 minutes to either talk to someone or have a wander, but then we would be brought back.  We could then share the experience before having the opportunity to do some mediumship if we chose too.

Inwardly I already groaned... Meditation is not my thing... Not because I do not believe in it, or think that it is worthwhile just because I can NEVER do it. I have a brain that works 100+ miles per hour and just seems incapable of shutting off.  So, I say it is ok if you can't do it though right?

We will have none of that here, No negativity, you are already telling yourself you can't..... Hmmm one duly noted wrap over the knuckles and a check over on my thought process (it was said in a gentle way but It did make me think, hmmm and I always thought I was positive - must be keep a check on that!).

And it begins.....

The ambient music is played, an opening prayer to the Divine asking for protection etc... was said and then Kevin guided us through his meditation.  Walking along a pathway and in through a gate to a Park area, notice any animals, the trees any flowers....

At this point I have trees either side and I see an Eagle, a Deer, a Stag to be precise not very old but the antlers are prominent and he is brown in colour, I also see a skunk to which my mind says hmmm that is strange and then an owl.  As I continue walking along this path the Eagle is flying beside me and the Stag is following me.  We approach a cave, I cannot help but keep turning around, the Stag is still following me, is it meant to be? Is this what usually happens, I have no idea but I continue on anyway. 
C/o David Sampson

The Eagle is now on the tree just waiting as I walk inside the cave, a crystal cave that blends from one colour of the rainbow to another. Red, we breathe in the Red, Orange, we breathe in the Orange and Yellow etc... etc.. and all the time the Stag is still following behind me.  

Once we enter the cave there is a seat in front of us that we go and sit on, (the Stag stands beside me) and then another seat is in front of us.  Anyone wishing to speak to us can sit on this chair or if we prefer we can have a wander around the cave or go through the door at the side. (This is the start of our 10 minutes.)

I ask if anyone would like to have a chat with me, I feel someone there but cannot see them and they are not coming to sit so I stand and walk over to the door way and open the door. As soon as I go through the door I am greeted with the Brightest most Beautiful Sunshine, I mean it is surrounding everything. In front of me is a sea of people, just row, after row, after row.  So many people but I cannot see their faces and as I walk on they part. Making a pathway and in my head all I can think of is the stories of the seas parting!  I continue walking on until I get to the edge which is a waterfall that goes a VERY long way down.  The Eagle is back and on my right-hand side and the Stag who is now bigger and White is on my left.  The Eagle just keeps staring at me.

In my head I think well I have come this far Ok, I trust you and I just fall off the edge.... Except I don't actually fall!  I am flying... No really I am flying... and the Eagle is flying next to me, I mean how awesome! 

I can feel everything, I feel weightless, the air around me and trust me I am beaming and thinking oh my gosh how cool is this!  We fly over to an island and this island is full of children but once again I cannot see faces except for this one Beautiful Little Girl who had Mousey Brown hair in Wavy Ringlets.  She is crying and hearing her is already breaking my heart, she says to me that she has lost her Mummy.  I put my arms around her and say "oh Darling, you have not lost your Mummy she is always with you" and with that she just disappeared.... I would say I was a little freaked by this but you know, I really cannot say that I was. At the time it all felt perfectly normal and I felt a huge peace envelope me.  At this point I am thinking it is time to come back but instead of me flying back I am now the Eagle!  Except much larger but once again I can feel everything, I can feel the beat of my wings the movements of my eyes, everything.  


I get back to the cave and once again I am in my natural form and the Stag is back by my side.  Inside the cave I am just wondering around and well to be honest my mind started to drift to everyday things like shopping, children etc... But no sooner had I started to drift into what I will call normalness (I know another new word!) I would be hit by a brilliant white ball of light into my third eye, as if to say oh no you don't - we have got you here now and we are not ready for you to go just yet!

Shortly after that Kevin is bringing us back and we are walking back through the cave, back down the path where I once again also see the Owl, we close the gate and come back into the room.

Yep, that's it I am Crazy...

I am the last person sat in the circle in terms of people to speak and share what we saw, who we spoke to etc... after a couple of people spoke it is clear to me that Yep, I am completely Crazy, Nuts even!  Over active imagination and am likely to be thrown out of this group with a tut and a lecture of how this is no joke and they take it seriously etc...  I am getting more and more nervous.  The others have either had someone sat in the chair that they spoke too or had a wonder around the cave.

It gets to me.... I take a deep breath and say mine was nothing like anyone else's here, with a rather concerned look on my face.  Peter says that's ok just share what happened.  So, I did.

At this point I am looking at Kevin and his mouth is practically gaping open and others in the room seem to have moved to the edges of their seats, I am feeling even  more nervous now that I have done something completely wrong but alas quite the contrary.  One of the ladies says it sounds as though you have had a Spiritual Journey.  Kevin goes on to explain that the Eagle represents that I am a messenger the Stag going from Brown to white means I can work here or on the spirit side, the girl experience meant that I could also be a rescuer... basically in a nut shell I could be anything.  By this time I am having that internal nervous shake.  Do you get that?  Where your whole body goes tense and you start to shake all over, not majorly but just enough. I am not really sure exactly what any of this means but I can see that Kevin is excited and in awe so I am presuming from this that what happened to me was a very good thing and judging by the others reactions quite rare.  So I thank my spirits and guides and say I appreciate all the wisdom and knowledge they are sharing with me.

Mediumship.... Oh yes I can!

It is then time for anyone who wishes to do some Mediumship to well, do it!  Others one at a time stand behind their chair and relay what they are getting.  I get told from Kevin it is my turn... "oh no, I am fine thank you, I have no idea what to do or how to do it"  He says oh, no, you need to do this - I will help you.  I am very skeptical, I know nothing about mediumship other than listening to other mediums but I can't do it, I don't know how to do it!

However, I get up and stand behind my chair as all the others had done before me.  Kevin puts his hand on my bank and says who is with you a man or a women, don't think just say.  To my complete and utter amazement I say Women, great he says, now describe her... I cannot see her face but I can see her hair, a well kept lady, she had serious issues with her stomach area, this I can feel, I feel the pain the uncomfortableness and yet I was going to feel so much more!

Kevin says now who are you with (meaning who is this person connected to in our Circle), and once again to my amazement I say who and I am right.  I describe some specifics including a box which indeed is at this persons Mum's house, I describe more about the lady who has passed and relay that I am getting a pain and tightness in my jaw it's almost as if I am trying to hold my tongue and then BAM, it was like getting verbal diarrhoea, she would often hold things in trying to make sure she kept everyone happy but in the end that was making her ill, she is here today to say that you have been doing the same thing and that you must stand up and speak up for yourself.  The lady confirmed everything I was saying.  But it was still the box that got me - I saw it in my head and described it and she confirmed it... You just cannot make that up!  Not that I was making things up but it was still a bit like is this really happening or am I imagining all of it?

It's not how you think it will be...

Because it is just not how you think it will be, not that I have ever really thought exactly how a Medium gets their messages but if I did it is not how it came through for me!

When I have a conversation with anyone they are in solid form and I can see and hear everything clearly, speaking to someone from the Spirit World just is not the same... Now I cannot say this for everyone as I have no idea but for me firstly the images were not always clear, it is as if they have a grey smokey cloud around them, secondly it was not a conversation as in words it was more things were just put into my head that I needed to reiterate.  When I was shown things like the Box again the surround was a grey type of smokey cloud, not a light bright grey, but more of a dark grey, so I almost wanted to squint my eyes to see better.  At this point I have no idea if that is the same for everyone or because it was my first ever moment of Mediumship and I need to polish my skills.

What it has shown me though is I am no longer skeptical....

Read about the continuation of this awakening in the next post...

Are you on a spiritual Journey of Awakening?  Have you an experience you would like to share?  Then please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

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