Saturday, 27 June 2015

Is it the "Green Machine" Juice, the affirmations or that I am now finally on the right path?

Is it the Green Machine Juice or the actuality that at last, and I really mean at last I am on the right path?  Could it be the positive Self-Talk and affirmations?

There is more than one reason I would like to locate the source but mainly because of the amazing difference I feel in my body.

Firstly despite finishing one of my "Time of Awakening" blog posts at 1:40am and then going onto read an article or two in a magazine before turning out the light to sleep.  I was still up at just before 6am making a bottle for my 9 month old with more vigour than usual.

I let the puppy out, take the bottle back upstairs to Alina and get back into bed expecting to feel the usual heavy, tired, I REALLY NEED MORE SLEEP feeling that usually plagues every cell in my body.  But... It's not there.

This for me is such a marked difference.  I read another couple of articles in a magazine and get all the children up for breakfast.

As I carry Alina downstairs I notice another marked difference... a huge difference... I am walking down the stairs with ease.  My usual heavy, aching knee joints are supple, light and free.   WOW, I cannot remember the last time I felt that way, I cannot remember the last time I walked down the stairs completely pain free.  I was not in huge amounts of pain before but it was there, niggling away, everyday.

This sparks yet another Lightbulb moment for me and I wonder what could have made such a dramatic turn around and so quickly... The quest begins....

I think back to before I even opened my eyes and to the best of my remembering I said the following:-

"Thank you Bed for giving me such a restful and rejuvenating Sleep"

"Thank you for healing my body overnight allowing me to wake fully refreshed and excited for the opportunities this day will bring"

Whilst on the toilet (I know too much information!) I say thank you to my bodily waste for removing all the toxins and leaving my body healthy.

I also repeat an affirmation from Lousie Hay (more on this in another post)

"I bless and prosper everyone in my world, and everyone in my world Blesses and Prospers me"

As I am making second breakfast (if you have watched Lord of the Rings my three year old is like Merry and Pippin, Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevinsies etc...!)

Nevaeh spills her water over the table.... Instead of my usual frustration I say (in my head)

"Thank you for giving me patience and understanding towards my children".

I have shared these affirmations as I am convinced they have made a positive impact already.  Add this to the "Green Machine" juice and that it was last night that I started this "Time of Awakening" Blog and that will be the reasons these dramatic changes are occurring and the speed in which this is happening.

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