Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Yet more confirmation of my future Spiritual Journey

During my second open circle I received yet more confirmation of my future Spiritual Journey and it is exciting to say the least.

We started the circle again the same as the first session I attended.  This time before I even get to the Gate and the Park I am already the Eagle soaring ahead and looking down on the path, flying over the gate etc... I return to my normal self at the entrance to the cave.  Once again we go through the coloured crystals and once again I am sat on the chair inviting someone to sit with me.  No-one comes.... However, over by the side door is an Indian Chief (fairly short and mature) Beckoning me over in a stern way as if I am already late!

I walk through the door and we are in a clearing with tipi's I step inside one and see a fire in the middle a big Brown bear (yes an actual bear) at one side, not menacing at all more as if he is there just to protect me.  There are others sat around the fire but they are more like blurs as if they have been drawn in pastels and smudged.  The Chief is sat opposite me.

He gets up and puts something over my shoulders, like an animal skin.  He then returns to his seat.  Not long after I rise out of my body and go straight into his!  I can see myself through his eyes and wow my head and neck are hurting and tilting upwards, this headdress is heavy, I mean really heavy.  (I do not know if they really are as I have never held one but it certainly felt like it!)

I was not in his body for long and to be honest I did find the whole thing a little freaky but I return to my body and before I stand up I am presented with two gifts, a peace pipe which is placed in my left hand and Drum which is placed in my right.  I am also told I have another gift for me waiting outside.
At this moment I am kind of feeling like it is my spiritual birthday!  I step outside to be greeted by a stunning Horse, it is white with brown patches and is just gorgeous.  I am told that this gift is to help me rejuvenate, to have fun.  I jump on the back of the Horse and ride to the edge of the mountain.  I am overlooking a vast landscape which is breathtaking.

Spiritual Journey
Resource:- http://www.artsyshark.com/2012/12/16/featured-artist-kathleen-keil-hill/

Once again I sense it is time for me to return and I am the Eagle once more before looking back and saying goodbye to the Horse who is looking rather sad that I am leaving so soon, I fly over the landscape and then have the Epiphany "I get it, I can be anything, person, animal, I can be in anyone and see what they see".  I fly back to the cave, walk through the crystal rainbow and come back to the path and past the gate.

Once again my journey is very different to everyone else's, but after last week I am not feeling so self conscious about it and well to be honest I am ecstatic. like a little girl a Christmas... I was given a horse!

Peter tells me that the Horse as it is brown and white once again reflects being able to work on the Earth and Spiritual side.  The Eagle again means I am a messenger.  The Bear in the Tipi was protection I cannot remember what the gifts represented but upon research the Pipe means peace and prayer and the drum carries the heartbeat of Mother Earth and calls the Spirits and Nations together.

Once again it was showing me that I have an amazing journey ahead and to be fair at this point I am getting excited and really wanting to know what I need to learn next.  It was at this point that I came across some other resources which I mentioned in a previous post.

If you would like to share some experiences of your journey do leave a comment or connect with me on my facebook page where you will also find daily affirmations.

Love Life and Laughter

Traci x

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