Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Are you Soul Happy?

Are you Happy?... Are you SOUL happy?

Happiness like many things has levels, layers, vibrations that reach higher and higher.  Like excitement, for example; you are excited about taking your child to an event and maybe we would measure your excitement as a 7 out of 10. Compare that to your child whose excitement is off the spectrum!  Excitement has layers and Happiness has layers too.

What is Soul Happy?

Soul Happiness is a deep rooted happiness that fills you from top to toe and beyond. It may last for a few seconds, a few minutes or hours but it will fill your entire being.  Happiness will radiate from you and there is nothing that can burst that bubble.  Soul happiness can be brought on by many things and many of them will be personal to you.

For me it can be walking my dog with the sun beaming down and breathing in the fresh air while viewing the stunning scenery and marvelling at how amazing nature is.  It can be one of my children running up and giving me a cuddle, it can be my 3 year old saying "you are my best Mummy in the world" it can also come from a job well done, a tidy house, a completed gardening project, giving someone a gift...

Soul Happy

But the difference between Soul Happy and Happy is how it feels, it is literally all encompassing and almost like a warm glow surrounding you whilst also being inside of you. There is no cell untouched. It fills your body and Soul.
It makes you feel lighter, brighter.... it makes you feel amazing.

This is the feeling I wish I could bottle, so every time you needed a boost you could open up the bottle and have this amazing feeling wash over you....

The Metaphorical Soul Happy Bottle

As I am yet to find a way to bottle this Soul Happy feeling there is something you can do to tap into it.  Firstly you need to take note of your feelings, really connect with yourself so you can feel when you are Soul Happy and mentally take note of what it was you were doing, witnessing what was happening to make you feel that way.  The next part is to allow that feeling to wash over you, to immerse you.

The more you notice and feel the more often you will get the feeling and the more often you will be able to repeat the process by accessing the things that bring on Soul Happiness.

I would love to hear what makes you Soul Happy, so do leave me a comment or head on over to my facebook page and please do like the page whilst your visiting - thank you

Love Life and Laughter

Traci x

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