Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Ask and you will be answered... even via facebook! Introducing Niamh Arthur

I just love it when you ask and you are answered and quickly!  I asked the other night for guidance and resources to information or people that could help me to move onto the next level, to push forward on my journey.

Well it was only given to me the very next morning!  Sometimes information, resources, connections can come out of places that you would never consider.  Sometimes it maybe from resources that you see everyday but... this times somethings just pops out for you and this was such a time.

On facebook I am a follower of Women Inspiring Women, it is a fabulous resource and one that I do not visit as often as I should.  Anyhow, on my feed popped up a message saying that Niamh Arthur had posted to the page, I cannot explain why but I was drawn to it immediately and after reading her post I sent her a message and she provided a link to her AWE inspiring video... I was instantly drawn to her and felt as though she was trying to deliver a similar message to me however she is doing it from a business angle where as mine is from a spiritual angle but the crux of it is still all about listening to your inner guide, your gut... she also has a much more eloquent way of putting it than I do!

But I urge you to go and check her out because.... well because.... she rocks and she makes sense...

Her website is aptly named Your Authentic Living and you can get access to her free videos and fab information.

She also has a youtube channel and her introductory video which I have added here too really does give a great introduction regarding what she is all about.

I would love to know if you connect with Niamh and hope that you find her information as informative and helpful as I do.

Love Life and Laughter

Traci x

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