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The Law of Attraction

There is so much more information widely available now regarding the law of attraction, what it is and how to use it to improve your life.

Back in November 2008 I had the honour and privilege to attend Michael Losiers Law of Attraction Facilitator course in Vancouver Canada. His course was amazing - in fact he is amazing.  I have so much love and respect for him and his family and since meeting them they all have a special place in my heart.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Linda Storey an NLP Coach, another wonderful and talented lady with whom I could listen for hours.

Law of Attraction Michael Losier
Michael Losier and Linda Storey Nov 2008
Law of Attraction Michael Losier
Myself and Linda Storey Nov 2008
However, for me personally I have been in and out with the law of attraction.  Firstly I am inconsistent (big flaw) secondly, I never truly new exactly what I wanted... it would change so often that I am sure the Universal Law got whiplash and then thought - you know what why don't we just wait until she has made up her mind! lol  Ok, all joking aside I was constantly contradicting for example - I would think of the perfect house, I would have visuals of it, the amazing feelings as if it was already mine and then a few days later be thinking but there is no way I can have that house, perhaps I am being Greedy, I mean it would cost... which means I would need a job paying......

Okay, I am sure I need not go on for you to see the pattern of undoing the law of attraction.  AND because I was inconsistent, I attracted more inconsistencies.  

Once again to harp on a bit like a broken record but once again the issue was not loving myself, not thinking I deserved it, or was worthy... This has been a continuous and consistent pattern throughout my life and lets face it the one thing I was being consistent on has been what has held me back.

I was also a qualified EFT practitioner and although I had helped many others with these issues, I did not manage to clear them on myself and again I can clearly see why.  When working with a Client for EFT I can see, feel and know when they are trying to avoid an issue, or skirting around it.  As a practitioner I was there to help guide them safely to knowing that can deal with it directly, right at the source of the issue.  When working on myself I could happily skirt around the issues and avoid the source!

So, in a nut shell, if you are stuck, you have tried using the Universal Law, the Law of Attraction, the Law of thoughts and manifestations and it has not been working out for you the way you have wanted I would 99% say with confidence that there are issues regarding self-worth that you need to work on first... After all you cannot attract something to yourself if you feel you do not deserve it.

Law of Attraction

In Michael's Book he has a wonderful exercise called Clarity through Contrast.  It basically suggests that as most of us know what we don't want we can find what we do want through contrast.

Law of Attraction Michael Losier

This is a great exercise to do to then work out affirmations which are personal to you. Ones that feel right, ones that are connected to you and so will work faster and better.

I have revisited Michael's course and all the amazing things I learnt at the time.  Sometimes even though you think you are ready there is resistance and there was for me.  I am so fortunate that that is clearing out of the way.  If this has been happening to you and you have wondered "if this whole law of attraction stuff really works" it does, of course it does, we see proof and evidence of this all around the world, if it is currently not happening for you then it is as I said, issues within yourself that you need to clear first to give you the freedom to allow the Law of Attraction to work for you.

Love Life and Laughter Traci x

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