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What are your vibes? Sonia Choquette Your Psychic Pathway...

Now, you may have been wondering whether my divine messages have still been coming through, whether they are still prominent or whether they had wained.  Yesterday's post was about the Law of attraction and reminiscing on my Facilitators course with Michael Losier in 2008.

Well, my next intuition came shortly after writing that post and it was audio books.... As I mentioned in one of my previous posts with four children, three of them being 3 and under time for myself can be in short supply, however house work isn't so audible books seems like a good choice of being able to learn, be inspired etc... and yet continue with my usual day.

Amazon has an audible subscription with a free 30 day trial and a free book.  I looked through, listened to a number of samples and then settled on "Your Psychic Pathway" by Sonia Choquette.

Well at the end of chapter one Sonia speaks extensively about "Vibes" I lead you back to Michael whose whole Law of Attraction teachings are on vibes....

Thank you once again to my wonderful messengers showing me the path, the next step along this journey.  Helping me to reconnect.

What always strikes me when I listen to another's story, their journey is yet again how much we all have similar experiences.  We have similar experiences and yet have different styles and ways of explaining it and this is so important.  As a trainer I know all to well how important it is to teach/train/inspire to cater for all learning styles.  This is why we naturally gravitate to certain people.  They write, say, express things in a way that we understand and yet your best friend/family member/colleague could whole heartedly disagree and recommend another whose message is similar but approached in a different style or method.

All of the authors, speakers, teachers, ministers, psychics etc... all give us something, evidence time and time again.  They give us the evidence in different ways so the message can reach as many people as possible, for the more people reached, the more people that can influence their life by desire/thought and the happier they will be, the happier you will be, the happier we will all be.

Vibes, mind your own vibration...

So, back to vibes, why are they so important.  Vibes is a shortened version of vibrations which in it's simplest description means energy.  Feeling the energy that is around you, your energy, others energy, atmospheric energy.  Have you ever walked into a room and said oooh there are horrible vibes in there and then walked out of the room?  Then you have sensed negative energy.

Likewise have you ever gravitated to a room or person as they felt light/happy/joyous, that is positive energy.  You can meet some people and you feel energised after being in their presence, in this case their positive energy has had a "recharging your batteries" type of effect and again likewise on the reverse side you can sometimes feel very drained by people and in that case they have drained your energy.

Energy is actually an easier demonstration for me.  It is something that clients and audiences are skeptical off when I first start speaking and then I show physically how I can easily make someones body weaker just by disrupting the flow of energy in their body.... Watch out for a future youtube video giving a visual of this.

What are your vibes
Original image by Cameron Gray

Why you need to be in-tune with your Vibes?

Your vibes are your own inner way of having foresight, they are there to help guide you to know you are heading in the right direction or that you need to change course.  If you are feeling good you are receptive to your positive vibes. How many times have you been in a situation where you felt like you needed to get out of it but you let your Mind override that as being foolish or weak, or you needed to step up?  Only to then experience that you should have obeyed your instincts/your vibes!

If you start to pay attention and really notice your vibes you will find that they are the best guide you can have. This is pretty much the first way you can connect to inner knowing.  The more you notice and act on the information received the closer you will also get to feeling the messages and "vibes" from your guides, the external messages that take your intuition even further.

I am exciting for you, excited as I know how well this works and I have seen time after time at how much just paying attention to your vibes can change your life.  How it can help turn a corner and can be the start of a beautiful, freeing life.

I look forward to hearing from you, hearing about your experiences with this.  Do leave a comment or head on over to my facebook page and do give me a like - Thank you

Love Life and Laughter

Traci x

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