Monday, 20 July 2015

Gratitude Challenge Starts Today

Whoop Whoop the Gratitude Challenge starts today!  For one Week please join us in saying Thank you throughout the day for various things.  It has been proven that gratitude helps you to be a happier person and also increases your manifestations and of course as the Law of Attraction dictates whatever you are giving out you get back so the more you are grateful the more you have to be grateful for and this week is your chance to see that in action.

Over on my facebook page you will see the daily affirmations throughout the week.

Here are a few to get us going for today.

Thank you Bed for a restful, rejuvenating nights sleep.
 I am thankful for the relationships in my life.  For the Love, the understanding and kindness I receive everyday.

 Thank you for the food that is always readily available nourishing my body and mind and keeping my healthy.

Thank you for always helping me to see positivity all around me and making others feel positive when they are around me.

Please do pop over to my facebook page throughout the week to see more gratitude affirmations and to share how the experience is for you.

Love Life and Laughter 

Traci x

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