Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Ask for help... It could just start the biggest turnaround that you have been waiting for...

Ask for help... Seems such a simple thing to say, a simple request and yet how many of you find it really hard?  How many think that they are showing weakness?  That they can't cope?  Are worried what others may think?

Or are you one of the many that just do not know who to ask or how?

As mentioned in a previous post I was one of the many that never asked for help... nope I could do it all by myself thank you very much, I could cope with every situation, every circumstance..... except I couldn't.  There comes a time in most peoples lives where this is the case.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness at all in fact personally I think it is the opposite, it takes a brave person to show vulnerability and ask someone for help.

You may be talented in so many ways, you may have a high IQ, great interpersonal skills, have the top education, have an amazing job, earn a crazy amount of money, have wonderful children and an amazing partner... You still need help, sometimes.

After all, others maybe able to show you a quicker, better way of doing a job, a task, a life skill.  Someone, somewhere always has a better way.

Ask for guidance

What if you do not know who to ask for help with.... (fill in the blank), then take some quiet time, close your eyes and ask your guides/the universe/your Angels/God (whichever term you are more comfortable with)for guidance on who to approach about.... (fill in the blank).  Try not to think, whoever first comes into your mind is the person you need, do not try to reason, argue etc... even if you think it is not the right person.  If it was the first person that popped into your mind then Trust.  Approach that person and ask for help.

Help attracts Help

Here is the strange part about asking for help, when you get help, you get more help and even more help. Have you ever experienced that?  You start getting help form one person and then it just seems to start a roll?  Well, this is because once again of the law of attraction, like attracting like.  This usually happens quickly too, as when you receive help you are more than likely to be feeling grateful, happier and so that helps to manifest your thoughts quicker.

You will open doors and windows you never knew were there.

Once you start opening up to the value of receiving help form others you will find that it will open doors and windows that you never knew existed.  For example, you ask for guidance about finding a plumber but you also know that this month money is tighter than usual so you ask

"dear,.... Spirits/guardians/Guides/Angels/Spirits etc.... Please lead me a highly skilled plumber that can work to my tight budget"  Then you find out that a friend of the friend is happy to do the work and you just need to cover materials.  You meet the plumber and you talk about all sorts including your job of which you mention you would much rather be.... that person says it just so happens I know someone looking for.... (basically you).

If you had not asked for guidance and help you would have missed an opportunity for a happier career.

Synchronicities like this happen all the time and they all start by asking for help, somewhere along the line :-)

Love Life and Laughter

Traci x

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