Saturday, 18 July 2015

When you come out of the Storm, you won't be the same person who walked in.

When you come out of the Storm, you won't be the same person who walked in.  That's what this storm is all about - Haruki Murakami

This is so poignant... I have walked through, many storms and at all different ages and stages of my life.  Some storms have been self-created while others have been thrust upon me and you have little choice but to walk through them.  

Maybe you are in a situation such as that now.  Have faith, I know that many of the "storms" have made little sense at the time and have caused heartache, however, I have always emerged stronger and that strength has then helped me with situations further on down my life path that would otherwise be another storm.

Here are some affirmations that can also help you to get through the Storm:-

"Thank you for helping me get through this situation, helping me learn the lessons needed and giving me the strength to come through victorious"

Thank you for giving me the strength to get through this.

I appreciate all lessons in life and am glad of the strength and patience I have. I know this will be over and I will be a better person for having gone through it.

Thank you for always helping me to see the light in dark situations.

And if you wish to focus on all the positives then my favourite affirmation which came from Louise Hay is:-

I Bless and Prosper everyone in my world and everyone in my world Bless and Prospers Me.

Love Life and Laughter 

Traci x

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