Sunday, 19 July 2015

Your Reach is Further Than You Think.... Share your Story, Share Your Thoughts... You Just Don't Know Who You Are Inspiring!

Your Reach is Further Than You Think.... Share your Story, Share Your Thoughts... You Just Don't Know Who You Are Inspiring!

I write this blog, well, you know that because you are reading it.... but I do not know you are reading it!  I post on my facebook page and other social medias and sometimes I may get a comment or a like, however, it was only recently that I got to really understand how many people that are in their pyjamas reading this over breakfast or contrastingly just before bed, during their lunch break at work etc... are reading these posts.

For me I write down what pops into my head, what I feel inspired to write about without really knowing if it is going to be of interest to anyone... When I started this blog I remember that trepidation I felt.  That fear if you like of "what will people think", "what if they all think I am weird", "what if they reach for the telephone to call the insanity police" (ok a bit far but you know what I mean!).

But, and this is a big but not even a month in and we are nearly at 2000 visitors!  Yes 2000, isn't that incredible and most of you are and will remain completely unknown to me.  For people read what they want too and then carry on with their daily lives but as I am already finding out from those that do contact me your daily lives are a little brighter than they were before.  You maybe feeling contentment knowing that you are not the only one, that others do See, Hear, Feel spirits.

You may just feel inspired that even when life gets you down, when others treat you in a way that is inappropriate that you are still strong enough to hold your head high knowing it is their issue and not yours.  Knowing that you can truly love yourself because you are worth loving.

You may have been told that you have a gift and can read cards, or give messages from the other side and so now have the courage to connect and fully embrace it.

All I know is how humbled I am having read your emails and private messages, how astounded I am as to the reach and countries you have been contacting me from and how encouraged I am that my posts mean so much to you.

Which leads me onto YOU, yes you.  This is not something the select few can do... You do not need to have this major talent, you do not need to see Spirits, do readings, your story, YOUR STORY is worth telling as there are people out there just like you feeling they are the only ones to feel.... to be going through..... and your words just maybe the encouragement, connection, reassurance they need.

If I hadn't of started this blog I would not have connected with so many and I am seeing the benefit to others with sharing my story so just imagine what you do!

Love Life and Laughter

Traci x

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