Monday, 6 July 2015

Is it time to have a Clothes Clear out? Here is one with a difference...

When was the last time you had a clothes clear out?  A wardrobe haul, a closet make over?

How many times have you recently opened the doors taken one look at your clothes and heaved a sigh?  If you answered often then you are like many others.  There is a tendency for many to keep clothes that are too small (in the hope that one day they will fit into them again) only to look upon them and then subconsciously feel bad about yourself.

Sometimes you may also have clothes that well... just do not make you feel great !

The Solution

The Solution... Give your wardrobe a "all my clothes Love me" make over...  Yep, that is right, go through every item and have three piles.  The "These clothes make me feel great pile", "the these clothes did make me feel great when I was a size"... and a "these clothes do not make me feel great pile".

The next step is really simple - all the clothes that make you feel great now, go back into your wardrobe.  All the clothes that did make you feel great (but do not fit perfectly) store away, either in a loft, understairs cupboard etc... but somewhere out of sight.  The clothes pile for the These do not make me feel great, donate to friends, charity etc... but do not have them hanging around more than a few days unless you really have too (such as your friend is picking them up in a week or two).

The Transformation

Now, every time you awake and get dressed you will have all clothes that make you feel great meaning your day can start so much more positive.  This is such a simple step but can make a dramatic shift in your life.  You will feel happier in yourself, about yourself.  You will feel more confident and because your day has started in a positive way you will naturally attract more positivity towards you!

Amazing right?!

I was so pleased when I did this recently and it gave such a relief during the process.  Plus it has given me a better start to my day everyday.

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Love Life and Laughter

Traci x

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